2022 was a year of new learning for companies to operate as they established far greater practices, processes and systems to integrate the demand of today’s society that is sustainable solutions. On the paradigm of Corporate Social Responsibility business have been opportunity to explore more meaningful projects that generates continuity in social, cultural and economic aspects across geographies & communities. Some of the trends that ruled 2022 in respect to companies preferences towards CSR spending.

Virtual Volunteering

Given the vast integration of geographies, communities and systems with technology as one, virtual volunteering is going to stay. More and more employees are participating as they are getting to associate the company’s culture and efforts to contribute in society significantly.

Diversity, Inclusion & Equality

Acceptance and addition of diverse groups in respect to orientation, identity, geography and occupation have gained larger momentum. Where companies want to include different categories of manpower into the workplace so as to make it more inclusive and open.

Skilling, Reskilling & Upskilling

COVID identified the need to build a manpower that is agile, resilient, innovative & futuristic thereby creating a need to build effective workforce. Therefore lot of initiatives are being directed to train and skill India’s population so as to establish a strong economy.

Sustaining Local Business Models

Creating a society that regulates its economy through local businesses can address the issue of job displacement & unemployment. Therefore companies have opened themselves for associations with local entrepreneurs and business models so that they can integrate effectively within larger customer base.

Building Business Transparency

Companies reached far greater customer satisfaction and employment retention through exploration of greater accountability parameters. Where they are giving far more accountability towards their business operations, work practices and social wellbeing initiatives.