Unicharm India

Mahila Sahyogi Project

GlobalHunt Foundation in partnership with Unicharm India (present with the brand name of Sofy & Mammypoko) have been undertaking "Mahila Sahyogi" and "My Menstruation My Pride" as CSR initiatives across diverse geographies of India. With an objective to create a sustainable ecosystem of menstruation the projects not only focus on enhancing women and adolescents girls capacities towards menstruation but have also empowered women towards sustainable business establishments thereby addressing the three aspects of menstruation; awareness, availability & accessibility.
For past 9 years the projects have been able to reach to almost 2 lakhs community members comprising of school going girls, their mothers, school authorities, aganwadi workers, self help groups, rural women & girls, agricultural labour, slum girls & women, police officers, jail inmates, college going women and many others.

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