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  • All are Multiple Choice Questions with 4 options for each question
  • Few statements are also there, answer them Multiple Answers.
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  • Replaying of the quiz is not permitted, it will lead to disqualification of the participant

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Find the time Rahul will take to reach home if he has to travel 150kms in his car running at 50 km/hour 

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In Prashant's house, a rectangular swimming pool (blue) whose length 30 meters and width 10 meters is surounded by grass (green). The pool with the grassy area make a large rectangle whose length is 50 meters and width 20 meters. What area is occupied by the grass? 

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A painter charges Rs 2500 for materials and Rs 350 per hour for labour. The total cost of painting an office is Rs 3300. How many hours did it take the painter to paint the office? 

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Raj needs to lay tiles on his floor. The size of the floor is 9 feet X 12 feet. In the market three sizes of tiles are available; 1 foot x 1 foot, 2 feet x 2 feet, 3 feet x 3 feet. Which size of tiles should he buy without cutting them? 

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How many minutes are in one week? 

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Multiple 73162453 by 2435 

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Why do you like using scientific calculator? 

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Do you feel that time doesn’t get wasted when you use scientific calculator? 

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Is it easy to understand a calculation when you use scientific calculators? 

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When would you like to use a scientific calculator? 

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